Heartfelt Hospitality: A Family's Commitment to Excellence at Ocean Breeze Motel

Meet Norbert and Joanna Ginter, the innkeepers and beating heart behind Ocean Breeze Motel. Since acquiring the property in 2020, this dynamic duo, along with their two sons, have passionately infused their personal touch into every facet of the establishment.

Both Norbert and Joanna come with degrees in hotel and hospitality management, but it’s their innate passion for creating memorable guest experiences that truly stands out. Joanna’s instant love for the property was evident the first time she laid eyes on it, confidently declaring, “We have to have it.” This wasn’t just a business venture for the Ginters, but the realization of a dream.

What truly sets Ocean Breeze Motel apart is the genuine care and attention the Ginter family pours into every guest interaction. Their commitment to excellence isn’t just evident in the meticulous upkeep of the property or the thoughtfully curated amenities but in the heartfelt reviews from those who’ve experienced their hospitality.

Anastasia from Chicago, IL, recalls, “Norbert went above and beyond… He and his wife have made Ocean Breeze a great place to stay.” Frank G from Boston echoes a similar sentiment, highlighting the “fabulous pool, delicious breakfast, very clean and comfy rooms.” CD Swam from Albany, NY, points out the “major improvements to the property” under the new ownership, while LivLuvSunSand from TripAdvisor gushes about the “cute motel with the loveliest owners.” And Karen V’s Facebook post is a testament to the Ginter’s warmth, as she raves about Norbert’s “perfect hospitality” and looks forward to her next stay.

In essence, Ocean Breeze Motel isn’t just a place to rest your head. It’s a family’s labor of love, a testament to the Ginters’ dedication to creating a haven of comfort, warmth, and genuine Cape Cod charm. Their story is woven into the very fabric of the property, and every guest becomes a cherished part of their journey.